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MikkoMia Productions is a full-service multimedia production company based in Los Angeles that was founded by Producer Allison Calleri and Director Selena Moshell.   

We specialize in creating engaging content across multiple genres and platforms including film, television, digital media, commercials, documentaries and podcasts.  

We are passionate about storytelling, with audience engagement at the heart of all that we do. Our team draws from over 20 years of collective experience in the entertainment industry, enabling us to consistently deliver exceptional content in all mediums.

We believe film production is a team sport and pride ourselves on working hand in hand with our clients to guarantee that their creative vision is achieved.  Whether a large brand, agency or small business, we can cater to any size budget while always keeping quality first.  

What sets us apart are the great relationships we have cultivated with a diverse network of highly talented storytellers and crews from all over the world. 

We truly love what we do, and are looking forward to connecting with you.





- Creative Ideation
- Script Writing / Copywriting 
- Storyboarding 
- Visual Deck Creation 
- Budgeting 
- Casting 
- Location Scouting 
- Set Design 
- Scheduling


- Hire & Manage All Crew 

- Manage ALL Filming Logistics 

        Call Sheets

        Release Forms



- Live Streaming 

- Virtual Production 

- UGC (User Generated Content)


- Editing 
- Color Correction
- Motion Graphics 
- Music Licencing, Direction,   Scoring and Creation
- VFX 
- Animation
- Voice Over

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